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Laxir helps people and brands engage and activate audiences worldwide through influencer marketing and engagement methods.

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How it works

Grow your Instagram with a dedicated Account Manager 

Laxir is a legitimate Influencer Marketing Agency which  brings authentic  & organic instagram followers. Boost your growth with the help of a dedicated account manager that engage with potential followers.

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Ease of Use
Ease of Use
Truly Affordable
Real Growth
Influencers & Engagement
All you have to do is keep using your Instagram, we take care of the growth.
We are the #1 Agency for Legitimate Growth on Instagram and Guess What? We also have the best prices.
We do not provide Fake followers, the Growth is real, followers are real and targeted. They are interested by your content they like your posts, buy your product etc…
We build your audience through influencers marketing and engagement methods.

Build Your Brand worldwide

We help our customers to build their brand or their personal accounts on Instagram by attracting targeted audiences through hashtags and competitors.

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More Reach, More Engagement, & More Followers

Getting followers is important but without a great engagement it’s less exiting.

Our account managers do their bests to increase as much as they can your engagement and your Reach.

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