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How to Create a Successful Facebook Banner Video

Keep up with the latest Facebook tech craze while promoting your page by updating your banner from still image to video. Follow the lead of business and franchise powerhouses Red Bull, Netflix, Disney, Go Pro, and Game of Thrones to see how to turn your page from ordinary to visionary. Keep in mind of the following tips to achieve maximum success.

HBO’s Game of Thrones is promoting the show by displaying a short loop of crucial information, including the time and channel in which to catch the show, along with iconic hashtag #winterishere. The icy blue stare of the influential White Walker is just a chilling bonus. Use this method of informational content with page specific imagery to capture the attention of your viewers.

Disney is using Facebook’s newest feature to sponsor the latest installment of the Cars franchise, Cars 3. The clip draws in viewership with visuals of Lightning McQueen’s trademark flames and baby blue eyes. By drawing attention to the branding of the film without directly stating so, the viewer will acknowledge the content without the pressure from formal advertisements.

Red Bull’s banner video features fast paced, thrilling shots from sponsored events. The images show the spirit of the company with subliminal advertising through the emblems and flags within the clips. Show off your company’s most interesting events and marketing with this strategic technique.

GoPro utilizes the Facebook banner to show off its product’s creations. Following the eyes of a parent on a beach day, GoPro shows the versatile usage of its cameras through a video compilation of various subjects including nature, animals, and children. Create a video and make it go viral with the help of your Facebook banner

As only fitting with a video streaming site, Netflix capitalizes on the video aspect of Facebook. The banner features the faces of prominent characters of Netflix Originals including Black Mirror, Stranger Things, and the music from Orange is the New Black. Increase traffic to your site with catchy clips promoting your image.

It is simple to upload your Facebook Banner video by placing your cursor over the camera icon on your cover photo and choosing from the drop-down menu.

The recommended size of a video is now 820 x 462 pixels, however it is required that videos be at least 820 x 312 pixels and between 20-90 seconds.

If you have any questions or simply want to learn more about creating interesting and informative Facebook banners contact us here.

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