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Laxir Digital Marketing works magic in a variety of online fields with the ultimate goal of improving clients' engagement, traffic, branding, and overall success. These include community management, social media management and advertising, website design, search engine optimization (SEO), public relations and related efforts, video production, influencer marketing, and niche marketing for industries such as real estate and the emerging cannabis related market.

  • Withing a week of publishing a promotional video for Lionsgate, Laxir's content gained over half a million impressions and over five thousand new subscriptions.


  • Working to increase brand awareness and provide a steady stream of content, Laxir has embraced the power of social media marketing and blog writing to boost Eclipse's overall business.

    Eclipse Sample Sales

  • Seeing 30% higher engagement after working with Laxir, Maison BerLe Metier de Beaute found content creation costs to be cut in half and an immense increase in the quality of the brand's authentic contact and relations with real-life consumers.

    Maison Bertet Metier de Beaute

  • Laxir recognized the struggles with international recognition this French brand faced, and work with them to increase their visibility and international sales. 

    Heroes Motors

  • With legal and social boundaries heavily influencing the effectiveness of marketing for cannabis-related products, Laxir navigates these unfamiliar territories with confidence and has delivered an increase in brand awareness and content creation for this growing CBD oil brand.

    Reed's Remedies

  • Laxir's approach to Facebook marketing brought Dollar Shave Club success in their efforts to find a cost-effective solution for producing high-quality content and increasing sales, ultimately decreasing CPA by 22%!


Liron L.

Laxir was absolutely phenomenal to work with, literally magic how they made my Facebook ads double in sales ... The team is professional and great to work with. Excellent communication and very steadfast in talking the details. 

Dana S.

This company is magic! They really are digital wizards. Their advertisements are genius, bringing tons of traffic to my pages. I would definitely recommend hiring Laxir for any digital marketing needs.

Adam, S.

I used Laxir for our marketing and after 2 days they were able to generate quality traffic. We are very thankful that Laxir was able to deliver way beyond our expectations.We have used other marketing companies previously that clearly do not have the experience or know-how that Laxir has provided.


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