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This hack is great for entrepreneurs or young start ups that want to announce a new launch or a new product to their close friends. You don’t need to know any code so don’t worry I will guide you step by step. Most of the other methods are risky like Scrapping tools or not efficient like Friends exporter that will collect email but emails and not personals one. Here's the best Hack Collect Facebook emails addresses using YAHOO 1) Create a NEW Yahoo account.

2) Go on your Yahoo Email, click on CONTACT ( second picture from the left) and click Imports Contact and choose Facebook. ( I advise you to use Firefox instead of Chrome)

3) Authorize Yahoo app: When the Facebook pop up appears, accept the condition and wait few secs. Then you should have an import confirmation like :

4) Select all your contact and click on “email contacts” : Yahoo allow only to select 500 contacts do not forget to scroll down to select the next 500.

5) Select your contacts and copy/paste in your favorite document : Yahoo give you the choice to export the list on CSV, EXCEPT contacts from Facebook so we need to get around: - Select all ( Cmd + A)

- Then copy ( Cmd + C) emails before to paste them ( Cmd + V) in a text document. Here we go you are now the owner of a fresh email list.

If you want more updates and more hack about digital marketing make sure to suscribe and let me know your thoughts on the comment section. LAXIR IS EXPANDING Be in touch with us if you need some DIGITAL MAGIC.

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