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As a digital wizard company, we have all the insider tips for your business to ensure that this 4th of July will be the most successful one yet. Follow our four easy tips and see a fireworks worthy boom in your business this holiday.


Americans love contests. From American Idol to American Ninja Warrior, people love to have the opportunity to win big. Lucky for you, there’s no better time to compete than on the day America won its original competition...for freedom. Give your customers a chance to win big with a raffle! Customers must take a picture of themselves, family, or friends doing something fun and patriotic with one of your products. they are entered into a raffle for the opportunity to win. Friends of your consumers will see these posts and this flow of free advertisements will create immense traffic for your site and bring in many new customers.

If you are a food company, create a recipe competition for a product you already create. According to statistics from Fox Business, consumers will spend an average of $71.34 per household on food for barbecues and picnics, contributing to a nationwide total of $6.8 billion spent on holiday celebrations. Bring your business into these profits by creating a fun and engaging contest. A product that can be made many different ways with many different ingredients, for example dip, is the perfect element for this competition. Have your customers send in recipes and the winner will receive a big prize or maybe even have their recipe turned into your next big product.


People are always interested in the words “sale” and “free.” Speak to these customers directly with special “FOURTH OF JULY!” sales and giveaways. A free gift with purchase of 50 dollars or more or “FOURTH17” promotional codes for 20% off can be effective in garnering customers for the festive holiday. Ask influencer to promote the code for you on their social media pages. A buy 4 get the 5th one free campaign or a big blowout 5th of July sale would also be very effective. Even adding in a mini American flag with all shipments can really make your customers feel patriotic towards your business. In addition, make your website and online presence 4th of July themed. Include red white and blue into your web layout and show your customers how patriotic you are.


Make sure you have something festive and creative to sell this holiday season. According to, festival and holiday content brings 1.5 times more engagement than any other category of content. By creating authentic content that none of your competitors sell, you can show your customers how original you are. As well as having original products will make your shopping experience just as new and different. Simple efforts aimed at getting kids into your retail store like face painting, patriotic balloon giveaways, and costume contests, gives you a chance to show you’re invested in ALL of your customers, even the non paying ones.


Don’t ditch old-school marketing just yet. Statistics from the Los Angeles Times suggest that promotional email campaigns are the most successful marketing strategy during the July 4th holiday. Around the 4th, email marketing efforts in terms of consumer retention are approximately 40 times more effective than Twitter and Facebook combined. Additionally, the average order value improves by 17 percent when targeted with an email blast over social media based strategies. While promotional email efforts are effective, keeping in touch with customers via email is important, too. With email blasts, you have the ability to custom target your email recipients based on relevant demographics and behaviors and thus effectively sell your 4th of July products to those whom are going to celebrate the holiday with a bang.

We hoped you learned how effectively and creatively market the upcoming 4th of July holiday! If you need assistance on future endeavor feel free to contact us here.

We salute your efforts to make your company just as booming as this holiday.

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