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The Top Ten Tantalizing and Tremendous Social Media Hacks Guaranteed to Elevate Any User's Outle

On a scale from one to Kylie Jenner how much do you post on social media outlets? Or are you a business owner who relies on social media as your main source of advertisement?

No matter how much you depend on social media, knowing all the tricks for gaining a following and getting more traffic to your site is a must. Luckily, I have compiled the top 10 social media hacks. These social media hacks are not complicated and can help you enhance your business’s social media presence, improve your engagement rate, and help you reach new customers. Whether you are a social media lover or business owner looking to elevate your social media presence, this article is for you.


These first five tricks are fun hacks everyone can do to make their social media usage easier and more efficient.


1) Snapchat filters are probably one of the best aspects of Snapchat. However, if you are searching for a more unique Snapchat filter that no one else has, look no further. First pick any emoji and stick it onto your photo. Then zoom in on the edge of the emoji until it is so big and blurry, it covers your whole screen. You will be left with a tint of whatever color your chosen sticker is. Now you can look through rose-colored glasses all the time!

2) Snapchat is fun because you are always in the know about what your friends are doing. Even though you may see tons and tons of stories a day who can see your stories? If you care who is following you on Snapchat then listen up. On the main Snapchat page click on your bitmoji in the upper right corner. The go to “my friends.” To see if someone in particular is following you back, aka can see your stories, and then click on their name. If you are able to see their score, (a number next to their handle) that means they are following you back.


3) Are you a twitter tweeter?? Or do you just prefer to stay quiet on twitter and solely follows other? Either way this next hack is for you. If you follow any celebrities or twitter active friends, but it seems like they retweet irrelevant content more than original, there’s a hack for that! Simply go to the person's twitter profile, click settings and then press “turn off retweets.” Now you will only see this users personal tweets and not have your feed clogged up with retweets you don’t care about.

4) Everyone has that one legendary tweet that got so many retweets, likes, and comments you for sure thought you were going to be famous. Mine was about my mom. If you feel like your twitter game has peaked and you need to remind all your followers just how funny you are, I have the solution for you. First find your tweet that put all other tweets to shame. Then press the down arrow across from your handle and simply press “pin to profile.” This makes the tweet the first post people see when looking at your profile. Guaranteed to make people think you are way funnier than you are.


5) The minutes that turn to hours after posting an Instagram picture can be some of the most thrilling. Every time you look down at your phone you have more notifications from people who have liked or commented on your picture. However if you feel like you're not getting as many likes as you deserve, just keep on reading. Iconosquare is an app you can download and it simply analyzes your post history and interactions on Instagram. The end result is that it shows you when the times of day are best to post. This will optimize the amount of likes and comments each of your posts get, and will definitely get you into those triple digits.


These last five hacks are clever tools that will help your company gain more traction and put your best social media foot forward.


6) Did you know that 35 percent of comments on Facebook Pages are compliments? Unfortunately, when a fan comments on your page, it often becomes hidden under Recent Posts by Others. Luckily, there is a trick for featuring positive fan comments on your main timeline. Follow these simple steps written by Danielle Cormier on Constant Contact.

  1. Access your Activity Log by visiting and click on Posts by Others on the left-hand side of the Activity Log.

  2. Click the pencil icon that appears on the right side of the post you’d like to show off and a menu will drop down.

  3. Check off the Allowed on Page option.

7) There’s so much noise and saturation on Facebook now a days that adding more content no longer seems to be the answer. This next hack will boost reach and engagement on Facebook. Instead of constantly posting, posting only the best content that is highly targeted for your audience will produce better results. And posting less frequently seems to encourage the Facebook algorithm to share your content with more people. On average, your reach will more than tripled and your engagement will be up significantly on almost every single post. This is just another example of less is more.


8) While most social media platforms don’t allow users to customize the look of their profile, Twitter does. You can customize the wallpaper background, tweet text, hyperlink and hashtag in a specific color that matches your brand. To customize your profile click the gear icon on the top right corner of your screen and choose Settings. Then choose Design on the left side of the screen. Within the Design menu, you can choose a premade theme or customize your own. If you don’t have a branded ‘wallpaper’ to upload, there are thousands of background patterns and color palettes available to customize your Twitter profile. Try to choose a color theme that represents your business and matches your branding.

9) This is a very difficult time to be in marketing. Ad blockers are diminishing returns and overwhelming information density makes it hard for your message to be heard on Facebook, Twitter, and other channels. This is one reason influence marketing is so important today. Even small companies and agencies need to tune into people who can effectively carry a message online to an engaged audience. But how do you know if an influencer is influential? After all, it’s easy to fake Twitter followers and likes, right? Here’s a simple hack to test the effectiveness of a potential influencer. When people really want to pay attention to you, they put you above the noise by assigning you to a Twitter list. So this is a great signal that you’re commanding attention and actually reaching people. The problem is that Twitter makes it hard to see that number. Here’s a workaround.

First, use the free version of TweetDeck and find the person you want to check out. Next, click on his or her Twitter handle and you’ll see a profile that shows the number of Twitter lists the person is included on. Finally, divide the number of Twitter lists by the number of followers. If the number is higher than 5%, you’ve found an influencer. If the number is lower than 5%, that person is not very influential.


10) YouTube viewers are a rabidly loyal community to both the platform and creators, which can make it difficult to move them off the platform to learn more about them. With a social hack like polls, a recently released feature of YouTube cards, you can learn much about your audience without even asking them to leave the environment they love so much. Ask the right questions with YouTube Card Polls and discover the way to your viewers’ hearts so you understand what really counts when presenting them with a call to action.

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