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CBD Marketing- How to Trick the System

With CBD/weed products falling into somewhat of a grey area within marketing regulations, it can be extremely difficult to find the correct way to market the product in the way that you want. Here are our 3 ways to trick the system when it comes to marketing regulations.

Rebrand it!

Rebrand it, reword it, do whatever you need to do. Most platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram, do not allow the actual term “CBD” to be stated within their advertising, as some state’s CBD laws remain in a grey area. The best way to deal with this? Reword what you’re trying to state, aka for cannabinoid oil, you could say “hemp oil” or “distillates” to say the thing that you can’t say. Adding in photos and pairing in words such as relaxation or calm also encourages the viewer to think of CBD, or hemp. Remember, all you have to do is influence their curiosity enough to click a link, bringing them to the website that tells all.

Make Your Product Stand Out

Because you’re limited through what you can way represent your product, you need to find a way to make it stand out, whilst still adhering to the platform’s regulations. One of the best ways to do this is through education. Writing blog posts or having information about the product through your website makes it easier for customers to understand what the product really is. Through normalizing and making the consumer comfortable with the idea of your product, you are able to spread the word and create a knowledge base through your customers that they can share with other potential consumers.

Find the Social Sphere

Figure out what social sphere you need to market to— with a rise in popularity of cannabinoid products, the market has overflown with fake CBD or hemp products, taking advantage of consumers. A way to market yours correctly? Target an all natural approach. Make your products’ ingredients known, create a comfortability around your product versus someone else’s. Further yourself from

or trendy marketing, and instead side for a natural, educational, and transparent approach. The people who truly want to interact with the product are the ones who wish to educate themselves and operate from an all natural standpoint.

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