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Advertising CBD Products Organically: A How-To

The legality and limitations of cannabidiol products have been somewhat unstable in the past few years. Today, however, more and more people are getting into CBD and marketing. For most marketers, the limitations of CBD products aren't that much of an obstacle. More and more consumers are starting to realize that there's more behind annoying CBD ads—cannabidiol does not induce feelings of psychoactive behavior since its purpose is aimed to improve the health and wellness of consumers across the world.

Of course, before investing any amount of time, energy, or money into CBD ads, it's best to be aware of the limitations that may come with cannabidiol products. Here's a complete guide of what you should know about CBD products in the past, present, and future.

All About CBD

CBD products, or cannabidiol products, can take the form of a substance extracted from the hemp or marijuana plant. People often believe that such products are harmful, but the truth is, CBD goods don't induce psychoactive behavior since their central goal is to improve the health and well-being of consumers.

CBD products tend to belong in one of two categories:

1. food grade

2. therapeutic grade

With the right knowledge about cannabidiol products, you'll be able to create a marketing brand known not for inducing psychoactive behavior, but rather for lasting, healthy products that consumers can use with complete ease.

The Legality of CBD Products

As more people get to know that CBD products have non-psychoactive properties and discover its potential to improve the health and wellness of any consumer, the web is becoming more and more suffused with cannabidiol products.

Before you start making any content for your CBD marketing campaign, it's best to know the legal status of cannabidiol products.

For years, marijuana plants were illegal in the United States. Today, however, the legality and limitations of cannabidiol products have shifted. Here's everything you need to know about CBD's past, present, and possible future.

CBD’s Past

Not too long ago, both marijuana and hemp were illegal federally and state-wise in the United States. However, thanks to the movement of public and political views and opinions, the whole idea behind CBD products was getting approved more and more as the years went by. Thanks to a considerable number of voter-approved initiatives and ballot, marijuana has become legal in a particular form in 33 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Despite the efforts, however, it is still federally illegal.

Of course, some states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes only, while others have made it available for recreational purposes.

CBD Products Now

CBD's legality is still somewhat cloudy, so it's best to be aware of any updates or changes regarding the Farm Bill. Before getting into marketing and ad portion of CBD products, make sure to check reputable sources such as

The federal law isn't the only thing that determines the legality of cannabidiol; the state in which you reside may have the status of marijuana as illegal. Before getting into the CBD industry, make sure that your actions will be satisfying the law.

Why CBD Marketing is Essential

CBD marketing is a growing form of business that has the potential to attract the attention of millions, if not billions, of people from around the world. Of course, it'll take much longer to legalize CBD products in the entire world than the U.S., but one thing is for sure: CBD's popularity is growing, and it's growing fast.

If you're planning on getting into CBD marketing or selling cannabidiol products, you'll need to take note that now is probably the best time to start. Competition is noticeably low, and the demand for cannabidiol is escalating, especially in the United States. Below is everything you should consider before starting a marketing business in the CBD product niche.

Finding New Customers

Cannabidiol products are flexible, diverse, healthy, and, most importantly, unique. The CBD industry has recently been attaining momentum in the world of supply and demand. By switching to CBD marketing and cannabidiol ads, you'll have access to a more extensive range of passionate consumers.

Because CBD marketing is relatively new, you won't have a lot of competitors, meaning that you'll be able to generate a considerable quantity of leads and sales. When a new business model comes to the market, it usually gets flooded by marketers and sellers. CBD has a few limitations, and that's why it's so great for marketers and advert creators—most people tend to quit when they run into a barrier in the world of business, and that's why the competition is so low.

Creating a Unique Brand

By switching to CBD marketing and ads, you'll be able to create a lasting brand that will be remembered for its originality. Sure, the CBD industry has been gaining momentum, and new brands are being created almost daily, but that doesn't necessarily mean that competition is high. Because most cannabidiol brands are remarkably similar, you have the opportunity to create a unique brand that will stand out from the rest. By investing a bit of effort and time into your business, you'll be able to create something that will attract consumers by the millions.

Finding Long-Term Customers

The cannabidiol industry is one that can maintain long-term customers. If you develop a unique brand and offer something new and fresh, you'll have the potential of transforming short-term customers into long-term customers.

Of course, progress won't come without spending any effort. Be sure to do your homework and find out what it is that spikes interest in consumers, and what doesn't; find out what would be trending in both the short and long term. That way, you'll notice lead generation and the number of customers soar above your competitors.

As a marketer, you'll want to find working methods that will help retain customers. An excellent way to increase and transform the number of long-term customers you have is affiliate marketing. You don't have to own anything, which is the key part of being an affiliate marketer. Find CBD brands that you believe in, join their affiliate programs, and continue your work from there.

CBD Product SEO

An essential part of the CBD marketing model is SEO, more commonly known as Search Engine Optimization (you can learn more about the basics here). If you believe in a brand and use affiliate marketing to promote them, be sure to spend the time to develop an SEO strategy for the products you want to advertise. It doesn't need to be anything fancy—a simplistic, but a working strategy should do the trick. You can optimize product listings for a given search engine by:

  • Including SEO terms in the product URL

  • Using real product images to help increase conversion rates

  • Learning to write or hiring a copywriter to create engaging SEO product descriptions.

Another remarkable idea to improve SEO is to categorize the products you promote—try to establish an understanding of what it is that you are trying to sell. Cannabidiol products can be sorted into the following groups:

  • Lotion

  • Balm

  • Oil

  • Flower

  • Concentrate

  • Capsule

  • Cream

  • Tincture

CBD Marketing Limitations

Unfortunately, the most significant barrier a CBD marketer can come across is the many limitations that come with cannabidiol products. Most CBD ads run into one central issue: not many large platforms allow for the creation of cannabidiol-related adverts. Companies like Google, Reddit, Twitch, Twitter, Pinterest, and Amazon don't tolerate CBD-related ads.

Before finding the best way to market or advertise a given CBD product, make sure to know the pros and cons of the marketing platform you choose. Find out if it'll even allow CBD ads. The limitations of CBD ads are severe, so it's best to watch out for any rule-breaking.

But some agencies ( like ours!) found a way to use paid ads to promote CBD and Cannabis products: Bridge Ads

Marketing CBD Products

Now that you're aware of the key details most marketers ignore when switching to the CBD industry, it's time to find the right marketing approach. Even though there are lots of ways you can use market CBD products, we'll talk about what we believe is the most productive approach. The significance of finding the best marketing method can't be stressed enough, so pay attention to everything you have read in this article and decide on whatever is right for you as a marketer.

The Influencer Approach

One way to market any product is known as the influencer approach. Influencers are people who have a large audience on a given social media platform. In today's world, most people spend hours on social media, and that's what makes this marketing method pretty effective. From Instagram to TikTok, there are countless social media platforms to find relevant influencers.

Typically, you'll need to pay some money for each post that the influencer of your choice is going to make. If you don't want to spend too much on influencer marketing, consider reaching out to micro-influencers, or influencers with smaller followings (somewhere between 5,000 and 15,000 followers). Offer them an affiliate program of your own, and you'll be able to get free influencer marketing.

Tips: Use a platform like Kloe to reach out CBD influencers and review their analytics.

The CBD industry is growing by the day, so it's best to catch onto the wave before it gets too high. Even though some platforms don't allow CBD ads at all, others will welcome CBD marketing almost instantly. You will run into some limitations of CBD, and it's inevitable. However, don't let anything discourage you from making a marketing business with cannabidiol products.


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