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It's Finally Time ( 100 things to do during quarantine)

Times are rough. We know. As an optimist, I like to see the good side of everything.

A lot of businesses are struggling and I wanted to give you some recommendations on how you can use this time to work on your personal brand.

In this time of uncertainty and social distancing for all of us, here are some key tasks you may finally have the time to complete:

Let's take this opportunity to do things that you usually do not have the time to do.

I categorized it by 5 categories :

- Art and Culture

- Social

- Self Development and Financial Education

- Business ( My fav if you know me)

- Completely random ( My fav #2 if you really know me)

Art and Culture

1. It's finally time to finish this book

And I am not talking about reading for the 6th time one the Harry potter but something new, something that you are unfamiliar with, that will expand your horizon.

Some recommendation of last books I read:

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humanity ( science/history)

By Yuval Noah Harari

A short telling of the entire human history, from pre-anatomically modern humans through the agricultural and scientific revolutions and to the present.

By Fredrik Backman

This novel about an angry old man next door is a thoughtful exploration of the profound impact one life has on countless others.

Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion. ( psychology, sociology)

Dr. Robert B. Cialdini

Learn the psychology of why people say yes and how to apply these principles ethically in business and everyday situations.

2. It's finally time to Make a Puzzle

I’m ordering this one :


3. It's finally time to binge some tv show

Classics like Friends, The Office, Entourage, Californication or newer shows like GoT, Stranger things, it’s time to binge-watch. Take advantage of every free trial from every streaming service.

So put on sweat pants and enjoy without remorse


4. It's finally time to Learn this Instrument.

Always wanted to learn how to play Harmonica? Now its the time. The best instrument to bring anywhere and to feel like a Cow Boy.

5. It’s finally time to Paint

6. It’s finally time to Watch some Movies

You always felt like you were missing out on those Star Wars references?

7. It's finally time to Re-watch Kobe Highlights and remember he was the GOAT.

Man, we miss him. I just find this new clip and it’s beautiful.

8. It’s finally time to Learn how to Cook!!

And to cook healthy! Like those Vegan Gingerbread cookies.

9. It’s finally time to Learn a Magic Trick

Here’s 20 Magic tricks that you can easily learn.

10. It’s finally time to Start a New DIY project

11. It’s finally time to Finally learn about Politics

My answer every time someone brings politics is “ Hmm I do not know enough about this subject to talk about it” SO NOW ITS TIME TO LEARN ABOUT IT.

12. It’s finally time to Learn How to make Kombucha

13. It’s finally time to learn How to Knit

14. It’s finally time to Learn How to Beat Box

15. It’s finally time to Visit some virtual Museum

16. It’s finally time to Watch some TED talk

17. It’s finally time to Write a Book

You’ve been thinking about it for years, now its time.

18. It’s finally time to Meditate

19. It’s finally time to Fix your Candle with a Buried Wick

20. It’s finally time to make a Simple Bouquet


21. It's finally time to Learn a New Language

FSI research indicates that it takes 480 hours to reach basic fluency in a new language. Time to download Duolingo!

22. ...Or at least say Hello in 50 languages

I will give you one for free : Bonjour! 49 ones to go. This two-minute tutorial will help you make friends no matter where you go.

23. It's finally time to Create your Tik Tok account

And to delete it after you realize you are more than 20 years old.

24. It's finally time to Make a Baby

Listen you are in quarantine with your loved one. Might be the right timing.

25. It's finally time to Download Call of Duty Mobile

And to play with me ( add me I’m benkobe).

26. It's finally time to Donate

There are a ton of donation options. Check on GoFund Me if anyone you know is trying to raise some money.

Or find an organization you relate to. Believe me even $1 makes a difference.

27. It's finally time to Play Drinking game with your roommates ( can result to #24)

28. It's finally time to Write letter to people you Love

29. It's finally time to Play some Games!

If you are in family play board games ( I am obsessed with Catan)! If you are by yourself play Call of! ( see #25)

30.It's finally time to Interview your Grand Parents

Checking on elderly people is important, please make sure your elderly neighbors does not go to stores and offer to take care of their groceries for them.

But something you should do ( if you still have the chance to have your grandparents alive) is to call them and interview them. We do not realize how much we are missing out on just asking simple questions about life to someone who has seen way more than you did.

31. It's finally time to Prank people!

There are a ton of Pranks you can do here’s some of my fav:

Replace your family photos with pics of Steve Buscemi.


Sign them up for a random mailing list

Find a cult newsletter or The Ferret Association of Connecticut publishes three regular newsletters FYI.

Change your family auto-correct dictionary

A great example of this is changing your mom’s phone so that whenever she types “no” you can have it correct to “yes”, for example. That’s a dangerous power for a teenager to have, but you have to be sneaky about it.

Call Two Anybodies (On 2 Phones)

Put the phones together so they can talk to each other.

32. It's finally time to Spend some Time on Instagram

It might be the end of the world but people try to keep smiling with amazing Memes.

what’s more human than laughing in the dark?

Here’s some of my favorite :

33. It's finally time to Learn How to Play Poker

34. It's finally time to Learn How to Play Chess

35. It's finally time to Propose to your Girlfriend

She won't have much choice to say yes as it would be really awkward to be in quarantine we someone you just turn down.

36. It's finally time to Find videos of people hurting animals, create a Facebook Group and track them down…

Ok I might have watched the Netflix documentary “Dont F*** with cats” too many times but I do believe if the online gang were on quarantine we would have found Lucas Magnotta way sooner.

37. It's finally time to Play Riddles

The one who makes it always sells it.

The one who buys it never uses it.

The one who uses it never knows he's using it. What am I?

38. It's finally time to Launch a Social Media Challenge.

You’ve seen people juggle with paper toilet or the “Baby Challenge”. Try to launch one!

39. It's finally time to Join an Online Community

If you are passionate about something, you should love to talk about it. You can find many groups and community on Facebook Groups or Reddit

40. It's finally time to Connect Back with Old Time Friends.

Remember your best friend in 5th grade? Or the first boy you kissed? Try to find them and connect back!

Self Development And Financial Education

41. It's finally time to Do a Face mask Moisturizer

Treat yourself with a skin care routine you don’t have time for during a normal workweek.

42. It's finally time to Start Investing in Stocks

With the stock market crash it might be a good time to invest.

Tools that I use:

Acorn : invest your spare change so you don’t even feel it. Use my referral link and get $5.

Motiff: Instead of investing in specific stock invest in a theme portfolio composed of different stocks ( like Online Gaming, Robotics Revolution and Digital Dollars).

RobinHood : one of the best investing app around here, and they do not take a commission! Use my link and get a FREE stock.

43. It's finally time to Start investing in Real Estate

Yes you can start investing for less than $1k.

I started using Fundrise a year ago and I completely fell in love with their product. My portfolio has already 213 active projects all over the US.

I recommend before to invest to watch the great review video of Graham Stephan.

44. It's finally time to Work on your Memory

Check this article of 6 science backed Methods to improve your memory.

45. It's finally time to Start Planning your Next Holiday.

Being lockdown for weeks will give some motivation to explore the world.

Be smart and take advantage of crazy prices in the travel industry. Most of the companies offer free CANCELLATION. Looking for the best offers?

Check out Trip Advisor , Fly Business for Less ( pay economy travel in business) , Airbnb and Booking!

46. It's finally time to Tell Better Stories.

Get some practice ! In 40 years you will tell your grandchild that you were part of the resistance that saved the world by staying on their couches.

47. It's finally time to Learn how to Speed Read

48. It's finally time to Make your Bed properly

You will feel like going to a hotel bed every night!

49. It's finally time to Exercise at Home.

No, your gym closing does not give you a free pass for not exercising, they are a lot of programs you can do at home. Here’s some I recommend:

- Apptiv , best Audio Fitness App with professional trainers.

- Insanity Work out From BeachBody On Demand

50. It's finally time to try to Be Vegan for a Week

Nuts, soy, are great food to store so perfect for a quarantine. Why not trying? Here’s 12 tips from the experts

51. It's finally time to do some Online Shopping

It might be the end of the world so 3 words :

52. It's finally time to Work on your Bucket List

53. It's finally time to Identify Geography.

And be able to point out places like Tajikistan, Vanuatu, and Addis Ababa on a map.

54. It's finally time to work your Short term and Long term Goal.

Set goals for the future and start working on that for the same day. Make a plan which you can follow strictly in future and also crawl it accordingly.

55. ts finally time to Stick to a budget

Use tool like Mint to check on your monthly expenses and set budgets limits!

56. It's finally time to Work on your Credit Score

Check your score using Free tool like Credit Karma and learn how to improve it. See #57.

57. It's finally time to Get Smart about Your Financial choices.

I highly recommend Ramit Sethi blog I will Teach you to be Rich to optimize your finance.

58. It's finally time to Buy a House

With mortgage rates at an all-time low, you should really consider buying a house.

If you don’t know how to start email me I work with a lot of mortgage brokers and can help you.

59. It's finally time to Find a mentor

I used to think I didn't need anyone and can learn everything myself. It’s a big mistake, benefit of having a mentor can save you many mistakes you would you do on your own.

Make a list of successful people in your entourage ( with your own definition of success, family-wise, business-wise, etc..) and contact them. If you have no one in mind you can use Growth Mentor.

60. It's finally time to Do an Online Course

Tools I recommend:


61. It's finally time to Launch this Website

Tools I recommend:

WordPress - Best choice if you are planning to invest on SEO and marketing.

Wix - Super easy to use. Good choice if you just need a website as a "portfolio"

62. or an E-commerce

Tools I recommend:

63. It’s finally time to Work on Your SEO

Search engine optimization was, is, and will always be a good idea for your long term game plan. You need to get some keywords ranked and spend some time working on your SEO because:

Tools I recommend :

This is B-A-S-I-C. This is the first step to keep track of all traffic and statistics about your website.