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Law Firm Marketing in 2021

Hello, welcome to the new series “2021 Marketing for Each Industry”! Because small businesses took a hit during this pandemic, the game changed and I decided to write for each industry regarding some tips and CPA. Every Sunday night I will publish a new article on a specific industry.

This is based only on my opinion and my experience of being in marketing for over a decade - feel free disagree and debate. Each industry will be presented with

  • Industry Analysis and Data

  • My 3 Channel Acquisitions in 2021

  • 1 Hack to test

  • Content Tips

  • Tools You Need

I will start with Lawyers. Are you guys ready to step your marketing game up?

Interesting statistic and data

Don’t miss a call: 74% of people looking for an attorney will call (make sure to have a visible phone number on your website). When a prospect contacts a lawyer, 87% decide to hire them, and 72% contact only one attorney!

Average CTR: 4.45% Average CPL: $10-$300 ( !!) a click (depending of your location) Lawyer marketing really depends on what kind of law you practice, each specification has its own different target and marketing strategies.

The legal industry is still not taking advantage of the online marketing space but we have seen improvement year after year.

Let's say you have 10 leads, you are paying each lead $150 for a total of $1500. If you close 20% of those leads your CPA would be $750! But if the case value is $10k, you are still way in the green.

3 Channel Acquisition Platforms

  • PPC: AdWords will always be a good idea. If you need a lawyer as soon as possible then the first thing you do is look online.

But Adwords is not the only PPC platform, there are many other platforms where the clicks would be less expensive such as BING or Go-Go Duck!

  • Yelp: If you already have a good client database then they won’t mind giving you some love and reviews. Yelp ads is also a good platform to invest on your lead generation.

  • Facebook/Instagram: Do not underestimate the power of social ads, specifically if you as a lawyer take on class action cases. I was doing a class action for unpaid cheerleaders back in 2015 and Facebook ads were my go-to market.

Make sure that before sending any traffic, your tracking code and pixel are installed. If not, you will lose precious data and will not be able to retarget visitors that did not fill out their info. Make sure to also test your landing page and check how it looks on mobile!

Marketing Lawyer hack for 2021

This is for the PI fam. Use Facebook ads to target people directly waiting in an emergency after an accident. You can select all hospitals in a city with a 1-mile radius.

This is a little bit dirty I would say but...

Content Tips

Check on forums where people are searching for legal advice, information and are asking questions. You as a lawyer can collect these questions and frame answers within your blog and share on social media, tweet it or share the blog post link in the forum.

Tools for Lawyers

Google Analytics: The #1 tool to keep track of your marketing effort.

Ads Google Preview: Find how search results look without personalization.

Search Google: Also a tool to monitor consistently.

Ubersuggest: You can do keyword research for your law practice, check out what type of content is working for other firms and analyze the backlinks of any site you want.

AVVO : The Yelp of Law, it is an online marketplace for legal services, that provides lawyer referrals and access to a database of legal information consisting primarily of previously answered questions.

CLIO: Legal Management platform and Intake client form. Use AP-LAXIR as a referral code for a discounted price!

Nolo: Is a publisher in Berkeley, California that produces do-it-yourself legal books and software that allows people to handle simple legal matters.

LegalMatch: Online legal matching service where users submit a legal case or project and get quotes from lawyers. Another directory.

We hope this article has helped! If you would like to learn more about law firm marketing and new ways of getting leads please feel free to contact us or schedule a strategy session below:


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