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What is Bridge ads for CBD?

Many of our clients ask us about bridge ads on Facebook.

Yes, CBD advertising is prohibited on Facebook and can result in losing your Facebook Ad Account. And that's terrifying.

But because we do not take NO for an answer, marketer found a way to advertise CBD and Cannabis on your favorite social media!

Bridge ads is a strategy to use when ads policy does not allow specific products, so let’s make it simple and use a simple comparison.

Decades ago, an embargo prevented Americans from bringing home Cuban merchandising- how was it possible to get your hand around the band of an authentic Bolivar cigar from Cuba if they're illegal?

Some people did not take no for an answer and ship cigars to France ( not a historical fact but as I'm French I'll choose my country to prove my point, pardon me) and then ship it back to the USA!

That's the idea behind what we call bridge ads! Instead of sending your traffic directly to your CBD or Cannabis website - send them to a landing page - which does not have to be in French ;) - And then redirect them to your website!

Now you can enjoy a Cuban cigar and see your business grow!

If you need help with your digital marketing schedule a strategy session here:


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