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Why Shopify’s CBD/Cannabis Announcement Is HUGE!


The list of problems that CBD/Cannabis entrepreneurs face is a list that is too long to comprehend. Dealing with government and federal laws that seem to have insane rules and regulations are just the beginning. Whether it be payment processing, advertising blockades, and regulatory laws changing without notice. The CBD/cannabis industry is challenging but rewarding if done correctly.

But something amazing was announced. Shopify, the Canadian e-commerce company announced that they were going to begin hosting CBD businesses on their platform and on their storefront point of sale system as well. Where the laws and rules are applicable. Shopify handles over 700k merchants and providers and is a publicly-traded e-commerce giant.

Therefore when a major player enters the game like this. Its a huge step forward for CBD and Cannabis entrepreneurs. This allows more individuals to enter the space, and hopefully, this will bring about less regulation and stringent rules in the US.

The Shopify platform is built for success with everything an entrepreneur needs. Such as applications, dedicated support, and the ease of creating a professional website for as little as 5 minutes. Having your CBD business on Shopify will be an excellent way to grow your business.

But marketing CBD/Cannabis-based businesses is still a major challenge but our team at Laxir has figured out how to bypass ad platforms where you can utilize the unbelievable power of digital marketing. When other businesses can’t.


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