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Grow and Develop Your CBD and Cannabis Brand



Welcome to the future of cannabis Marketing

While CBD production is in its relative infancy, having a cbd marketing campaign to share your companies’ unique message and cbd solutions has never been more important than it is right now. With the signing of the 2019 Farm Bill, which legalizes the production of hemp across the nation, there will be a huge growth in cbd advertising, so competition will be fierce. That’s where 420 CBD Marketing can help.


We take a multi-layered approach in helping to grow your ROI by boosting sales and profitability. We do this through a comprehensive SEO campaign with targeted keyword research that not only focuses on your target audience, but also competitor research to help you scale on both the local and national level.

Instagram Growth And Influencer Marketing

is prioritized being that the platform hosts 300 million users daily and great engagement opportunities. Additionally, Instagram is a great way to build brand awareness and interact with your target audience in a relaxed setting

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