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Potential Class Action Lawsuit for Unpaid Minimum Wages for Cheerleaders

As seen on ABC NEWS and TIMES, NBA and NFL Cheerleaders have been significantly underpaid when all working time is taken into account.  As a result, they may be entitled to damages.


 A number of NFL and NBA teams have already settled similar class action cases. 

 For example, the Oakland Raiders settled with their cheerleaders for 
$1.25million because they paid $125 per week but did not pay hourly or at all for time spent on practices, charity appearances that were mandatory and other work-related activities.  The Tampa Bay Bucs similarly settled with their cheerleaders for $825,000 for similar claims.  There are approximately 25 NFL teams that have yet to be sued for such claims, including the Seahawks.

If you worked as a cheerleader during the last three years, fill out this form HERE and an attorney from Ackermann & Tilajef PC will contact you as soon as possible to let you know if you qualify for the class action.  

The law, both state and federal, allows employees to pursue claims for back wages for three years preceding the filing of a case, and we can seek interest and double damages in court.  To begin a case, they just need one person to step forward who worked as a cheerleader during the last three years and who retains us to pursue these claims.




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Ackermann & Tilajef PC firm represents workers in wage and hour class actions in the state of California and various other states. 

Currently, they represent more than 90,000 workers in claims for unpaid minimum wages and unpaid rest breaks in various industries. 

They have 20 years of experience in employment law and are currently investigating the possibility of bringing a potential class action lawsuit against on behalf of their cheerleaders for unpaid minimum wages for all time worked. 


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